Goals for Brea

  1. Preserve a family focused Brea
    • Maintain schools and help them uphold integrity with the current changes in education
    • Establish more family focused entertainment
    • Continue to expand sports and recreational activities for all members of the city
  2. Business growth
    • Work to find new tenants for vacant businesses
    • Work to find a permanent tenant for the Tower Records property (possible Brea Packing House)
    • Address the revenue issue with the Brea mall
  3. Fiscal Responsibility
    • Pay down our growing city debt
    • Work to fix our current pension obligations
    • Maintain a balanced budget
  4. Housing
    • Recommend that we only approve of new housing developments after feedback from the community.
    • Work to ensure that all residents are able to find affordable housing here including local law enforcement.
    • Work with Brea PD on homeless outreach.
    • Find new ways to develop affordable housing that will preserve property values within Brea.
  5. Entertainment
    • Ensure that recreational locations such as the skate park, movie theater, and Tracks at Brea continue to serve the community.
    • Find a way to raise funds for the city through more city sponsored events